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Last update: 2015-08-22
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Sexy jeans babe Anfisa

Rating: 9.33

Anfisa wears tight blue jeans

Adore Anfisa's sexy jeans ass! At the beginning she stands in front of you before she decides to sit down at the couch. She knows how much you like her jeans ass! Therefore you are allowed to take a long and deep look at her butt! She does lot of different poses and each of them is more sexy then the one before!

The most favorite JeansBabes.com Update

Blonde jeans babe Denise

Rating: 10.00

Denise wears tight jeans with stars

Just look at this brash and flashy jeans with stars of Denise! Her jeans fit perfectly and are soo tight that you can take a very good look of the shape of her ass. Denise really loves to wear these jeans and has lot of fun showing you this!

The most favorite JeansBabes.com Update

Sexy jeans babe Faye

Rating: 10.00

Her very tight jeans

Today Faye wears very tight jeans and wants to show you this nice piece of clothes! She sits at the edge of her bed and turns her sexy ass right towards you. Then she spreads her long legs and still allows you to watch her...! But she wants to further fuck your brain and so she slowly bends over, stretches her ass far towards you and eliminates the rest of your mind this way!

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