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Last update: 2017-06-21
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Rating: 9.00

Sexy ass, less fabric

This tiny piece of cloth rather could be a belt, because it's so damn short! Have you ever seen something hot like this on the streets before? Bet you haven't! The dancing moves of my hips inside those jeans hot pants could turn your neck painfully - be aware! The fabric is quite rough and frayed, which builds a perfect contrast to my perfect, smooth hot ass. Oh damn, these hot pants are really tight; you can see it best when I spread my ass cheeks, so that the fabric can unfold in front of your eyes. It's caressing my pumbers crack and drives you completely crazy!

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Adriana & Felicitas

Rating: 10.00

Adriana and Felicitas in short jeans

Just wenn you'll see us in those short jeans, we'll drive you completely crazy! Our sexy asses sit down on the bar stools and suddenly you can watch us from a very close view. Enjoy this sight and adore our hot butts, when we stroke each other's round and perfect ass!

The most favorite JeansBabes.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Ambers ass in blue jeans

Amber likes to make you crazy with her sexy blue jeans and the swinging of her hips! She turns her fucking hot jeans butt towards you and let you worship her. Then she squats at the couch and shows you her awesome jeans ass with every breath stunning detail!

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