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Last update: 2014-09-01
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Charming blonde girl Denise

Rating: 6.00

Denise pulls up her suspenders

Denise wears sexy jeans hot-pants with suspenders. The jeans suits her perfectly and her ass looks fucking hot when she pulls up the suspenders! It's just awesome!!! You have to see for yourself! Absolutely sexy!

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Aileen Taylor

Rating: 10.00

The hottest jeans ass

As for the hottest jeans ass - Aileen Taylor's clearly in the top ranks. Her body's just divine and her ass extremely hot. Pornstar Aileen knows how to use her visual treats and sticks out her butt far - very close to your face. That's what you want, right? Get near to the hot jeans fabric and feel her ass. Her tasty butt fills out the jeans completely - Aileen loves them to be skin-tight!

The most favorite JeansBabes.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Sexy blonde in light-blue jeans

Denise, a sexy blonde, really likes this light-blue jeans. She likes wearing high heels to these jeans, just like the punk one's she's wearing today and of course a matching pink tummy top. She shows you her jeans and her sexy jeans ass, sticks her butt out into your direction and gives you the looks! Just as she's right in front of you she seductively spreads her legs and allows you to see her jeans and her whole perfect body.

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