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Last update: 2021-01-18
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Jeans ass worshipper jerk off instruction

A jeans ass worshipper like YOU, has come to the right place with Goddess Yasemin! She lets you worship her hot, bulging jeans ass and allows you to work your cock while doing it. Follow her instructions and worship her gorgeous ass!

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Rating: 10.00

Kept chaste, you are driven to despair!

It's becoming very uncomfortable for your little cock in this chastity belt, isn't it?! But Mistress Anfisa drives you further into despair by showing you something you like so much - she's wearing extremely tight jeans in which her ass looks unbelievably fantastic! This will be the downfall of you and your always horny cock! Mistress Anfisa turns around and makes you crazy with her jeans ass. She provides your brain with exactly those images that she know you won't be able to stop thinking about for the next few days. Too bad that you have to wear this chastity belt for another 7 days, isn't it?

The most favorite JeansBabes.com Update

Aileen Taylor

Rating: 10.00

Aileen Taylor's jeans ass - only for you!

Hot Aileen Taylor shows you today what a hot jeans babe she is! She's wearing extremely skin-tight jeans for you and sticks her tasty butt out into your direction. She knows exactly what you're into and shows you just that!

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