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Sexy jeans babe Faye

Rating: 9.00

Her very tight jeans

Today Faye wears very tight jeans and wants to show you this nice piece of clothes! She sits at the edge of her bed and turns her sexy ass right towards you. Then she spreads her long legs and still allows you to watch her...! But she wants to further fuck your brain and so she slowly bends over, stretches her ass far towards you and eliminates the rest of your mind this way!


Date Comment Rating Username
2015-06-05 Faye is on top models, since level than ¿Anina? Erina, Cora, Svenja, Kajha, Xenia, Jessy... Awesome!!! Nasaud
2015-05-01 Faye is an AMAZING Jeansbabe!!! Awesome!!! Markjeans
Blonde jeans girl Yasmine
YOUR face - the throne for her denim ass!
Kathrins tasty jeans ass
Jeans girl posing