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Mistress Anfisa limits your freedom to cum

Jerking off is the greatest thing for a loser like YOU! Especially when you get to see Mistress Anfisa's sexy denim ass. But what happens to you if she takes away what you love most in life? Are you still so happy about the hot sight of her jeans ass? No, of course not, because you will suffer! If your cock throbs with horniness and you are not allowed to touch it anymore, you will go completely crazy. You don't believe that? Then test it now! You look at Mistress Anfisa's insanely hot jeans ass and then it happens - Mistress Anfisa forbids you to jerk off! Now you have to endure it and show if you are up to the task. Mistress Anfisa restricts your freedom to jerk off. She alone determines when you can and cannot!


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